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About this website

About themessearch.com

On themessearch.com we are providing information about free to use website themes and templates. We are collecting the best free themes for frameworks like bootstrap and content management systems or blog software systems like wordpress.

Also you will find posts and articles on this site which are going more in a technical direction regarding web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This website is free to use. Websites which are linked on this site can offer free and also paid resources. Information about every listed website is kept as up-to-date as possible.

In some places of this website we are using affiliate links. If you visit these websites via our links and you decide to purchase a theme or other resource we will get a commission from the seller. This helps us to keep this website running in the future.

This site is built with Bulma CSS Framework and Jekyll Static Site Generator. It is hosted on Netlify.

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